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Our Commitment to The Environment


Every iteration of The Lake House, from the very beginning, was created out of a deep respect for the local landscape, and a desire to make the most of the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes. Like so many others, we’re constantly learning about best practices when it comes to lessening our impact on the environment, and investing in new and innovative ways to provide a luxe, holistic guest experience while using responsible practices. To us, sustainability and luxury aren’t mutually exclusive—in fact, they’re perfect partners. Here’s a few of the bigger picture ways The Lake House honors our environment.


Materials and Design


It’s no exaggeration to say sustainability is at the heart of our property—much of the structure was renovated using reclaimed and responsibly sourced wood. Some of the beams and furniture on site were actually hewn from decades old beams salvaged in New York state, while others are made from locally cut and kiln-dried willow.


Though it might not be visible, the Lake House buildings are powered by geo-thermal energy and built using sophisticated passive house construction and innovative air filtration systems, designed to maximize energy efficiency and improve air quality. Plus, everything you see in your rooms and the common areas was built using the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, and is designed to last for generations to come—much like The Lake House itself.


We use all natural fertilizers and herbicides in our gardens, no herbicides in our lawns, and have multiple stone-dust paths to reduce runoff as much as possible. The bathroom amenities are all natural with plant-based containers, and made specifically for our customers. Our spa uses all natural ingredients for their oils and creams for their treatments.


Local Ties

Sustainability doesn’t just mean reducing our use of resources (though that’s important, too!)—it also means creating long-lasting partnerships with the local community. By working with local business for everything from the stunning floral arrangements you see in our shared spaces to construction projects and local ingredients (more on that in a bit), we not only support the local economy, but also reduce our emissions and can vouch for how our materials and products are made using the highest possible standards.


Each Ingredient Counts

You don’t need us to tell you local ingredients taste better—but they’re also better for the environment. From using small batch maple syrup made just down the road via age-old techniques to helping keep local heirloom grain manufacturers, dairy producers, and farmers afloat, Rose Tavern and Sand Bar are dedicated to reducing waste and highlighting the beauty of eating seasonally and locally. We’ve also partnered with biodynamic and organic vineyards, who both supply wine for our menus and open their doors to our guests for local tours—which are as fun as they are educational.