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Farm Fresh Flavor

Meet a few of the small-scale producers that make life here so delicious.

There’s a few key tenets to life at the lake—they involve being a good neighbor, respecting the land, and savoring the slower taste of life here. There’s no better example of the Lake House ethos than our executive chef Scott Riesenberger’s commitment to sourcing the best local ingredients from small farms across the Finger Lakes region.

Remembrance Farm

Located in the charming town of Trumansburg on Cayuga Lake, Remembrance Farm produces lovingly grown, often heritage or hard-to-find vegetable varieties. They emphasize biodynamic techniques, which require looking at the farm as a holistic ecosystem maintained with any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The result? The most flavorful and tender wild greens and baby kale we’ve ever tasted—you’ll find the kale under a blanket of cheddar and perched atop a perfectly runny egg on our signature breakfast sandwich, and the greens add freshness to our fall harvest salad.

Ithaca Milk
Ithaca, NY

This is dairy country through and through (drive in any direction and you’ll see plenty of picturesque herds), and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the rich and creamy milk that comes directly from the source in nearby Ithaca. Sourcing only from single-breed Jersey or Holstein farms that value herd happiness above all else, Ithaca Milk is free from growth hormones, GMOs, and any other weird stuff that interferes with flavor. Oh, and they even rely on a few water buffalo for super smooth yogurts. Our source for milk and chocolate milk, Ithaca Milk’s rich and tangy buttermilk also adds heft and a delicate savoriness to our classic fluffy pancakes.

Wild Hive Farm
Clifton Corners

You might be familiar with locally-grown produce, but small-batch grains are a more unusual find. Founded by beekeeper, farmer, and miller Don Lewis over 30 years ago, Wild Hive is a community project dedicated to encouraging the production of once-neglected (but super-flavorful!) heirloom grains like einkorn and emmer, in addition to wheat and legumes. Milled in the small town of Clifton Corners, Wild Hive flour is much sought-after by the best big city bakers in the game for its extraordinary flavor. We love how his polenta breaks down into a velvety texture that can’t be found anywhere else—and tastes like the true essence of the plant.

Plowbreak Farm

Founded in 2012 on the shores of Seneca Lake, Plowbreak is a Certified Organic farm that emphasizes sustainable agriculture for the most responsibly produced—and truly delicious!—produce around. Owners Aaron Munzer and Kara Cusolito also make sure to maintain a healthy environment for natural populations, including planting pollinator plants to support insect populations.

Jones Family Farm

The feta that comes from this family farm is unlike any we’ve ever tasted—creamy, tangy, salty, and able to make anything it touches deeply satisfying. The couple who runs it, Peter and Suzie Jones, each grew up in families with connections to farming, ranching and butchering, and decided to put that experience to work in an intentionally very small scale farming operation in Herkimer. Nestled right in the heart of New York state, they produce a variety of artisanally made goods—even gelato.